Re(IN)vovle – Härnösand

Dancing Partners’ four companies  met up in Härnösand to celebrate Midsummer with an unique project, the first co-creation in the projects history. For the first time the dancers of Chameleon, Norrdans, Spellbound and TND performed side by side on stage in a creation that the dancers themselves created during a short residency in Norrdans facilities.

Photo – Lia Jacob

Led by Danielle Dietz, local artist, former Norrdans dancer and  director of New Education for Contemporary Dance in Härnösand, the dancers embarked on an investigation of identity as a central theme for the performance and the resulting work was performed at Murberget on Midsummer.

Bernhard Schimpelsberger renown composer and multi-percussionist,  composed and performed the music in Re(In)solve Härnösand perfroming  live on stage at Murberget mixing influences from the West with Indian tradition and creating a compelling combination of rhythmic melodies and extreme virtuosity.