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Company Chameleon


“As a Chameleon changes its colour, so too do we change ours:The context- whether in a council estate or on stage, the medium- whether film or live performance, we call upon the multitude of styles in which we work; always seeking to discover new modes of representation.”

Company Chameleon believes in Dance Theatre as a vital method for social change. Their work allows the viewer to experience the art of dance whilst tackling challenging issues in inventive ways that allows the viewer access and inclusion.

Company Chameleon brings Histories, stories and archetypes to life with beauty, force and intensity. Their work aims to bridge the inherent gap between contemporary dance theatre, artists and the audience. Inspiration for their work is wide ranging: from social observations, questions on the human condition, identity as well as abstract concepts.


Norrdans was formed in 1995 and has since then presented a wide variety of works by contemporary choreographers to audiences of all ages. Norrdans is based in Härnösand, a small town in the north of Sweden, and we frequently goes on tour, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Norrdans produce works by already established choreographers from all over the world as well as searching for new, fresh talents and possibilities of collaboration.

Our aim is to create a variety of experiences and offer them to people by constantly exploring and developing our activities. We have an international ensemble with 8 dancers but we also often make co-operations with other artists and art forms. We strive to work dynamically in our productions, projects and pedagogic activities.

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet

Spellbound was established in 1994 by Mauro Astolfi, who was then joined by Valentina Marini two years later. Under their combined leadership and due to a unique, signature style and an ensemble of dancers considered among the finest of the latest generation, the company now ranks as one of the most interesting on the Italian scene. Offering a wide and constantly experimental portfolio it has been dazzling audiences at the most important festivals in Italy as well as across Europe, the United States and Asia.

Spellbound Contemporary Ballet has also worked for over twenty years at eroding the division between the audience, enthusiasts and artists, and has brought thousands of dancers and onlookers closer to the stage. This has culminated in the company co-establishing the Dance Arts Faculty, a cultural factory which has both been an inspiration and formed many young and emerging dancers and choreographers.

Thomas Noone Dance

Thomas Noone Dance (TND) is a contemporary dance company that creates exciting physical dance open to a wide sector of the theatre going public. Since its beginnings in 2001 TND has developed a trademark style that requires a high technical ability from its dancers and seeks to provoke emotion in the spectator using the body as the medium of artistic expression.

In 2006 became resident company in the SAT! theatre, widening its vision of dance which led to  new initiatives exploring different objectives with educative and socio-cultural targets to generate further methods to communicate with the public.



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