Mercè 2017

In 2017 Norrdans, Spellbound Contemporary Ballet and Thomas Noone Dance met at the MAC Festival, Barcelona to present a series of performances, workshops for the public and a fantastic collaborative improvisational session all within the Cuitadella Park in Barcelona.

Furthermore the parties invited James Wilton Dance Company to participate as a special guest performing their outdoor version of Leviathan and joining with the other companies in all other activities.

Norrdans performed the 7 pieces of the outdoor program 7×7, Spellbound, Mauro Astolfi’s Mysterious Engine and Thomas Noone Dance presented Until the End  and Perverso. All companies shared workshops for old and young in the mornings of the 3 day event and each evening the companies closed the days activities with a spontaneous improvisational event  accompanied by the music of DJ Mr Pillow and with the (very) active involvement of the audience.

Audience participation!