Performances SAT!

Over three days the companies performed in the SAT! Theatre with a different program each day culminating in the official opening of the theatre’s season on the 14th and performing to a full house.

12th September

PUSH (Company Chameleon) / NOCTURNE (Marc Brew) / REMEMBER WHEN (Marc Brew) / TWO DUOS & TWO TRIOS (Norrdans – choreography Ohad Naharin)

13th September

Concursus (Ando Danse Compagnie) / Inside It’s Raining (Company E choreography Rachel Erdos) / Hold Your Breath Until The End (Company E choreography Gregory Dolbashian) / SIN (Thomas Noone Dance – Chorography Joan Clevillé)

14th September

Brutal Love Poems (Thomas Noone Dance) / Beautiful Beast (Norrdans – Choreography Thomas Noone)

The shows are accompanied by pre or post performance talks aimed at establishing a closer relation between audience and artist.