Dansvandring – Site Specific Creation

In a short, intense work period Anthony Missen, (Company Chameleon) assisted by Thomasin Gülgeç led the dancers of Norrdans in the creation of a site specific performance in and around the exhibits of the Murberget, Länsmuseet Västernorrland. The activity arose as a logical combination of the experience of Chameleon in site specific creation with Norrdans singular activities such as its Windows tour where company dancers create micro choreographies to be performed in shopwindows.

Dancers – Stacey Aung, Fanny Barrouquère, Toby Fitzgibbons, César Garcia, Anna Jirmanova, David Nondorf, Javier Perez, Leila Verlinden, Angelina Verroca, Angela Tampelloni.