Thomas Noone Dance, Company Chameleon and Norrdans will present the triple bill in The Grand Theatre Blackpool (18th of March) followed by two further performances at the Lowry Centre (20th and 21st of March)

The Program

Brutal Love Poems – Thomas Noone Dance

Choreography – Thomas Noone; Dancers – Alba Barral Fernandez, Jeronimo Forteza Ramos, Javier Garcia Arozena, Karolina Szymura; Music – Jim Pinchen

Brutal Love Poems is about the darker side of love, an ode in movement evoking the desperation that love can provoke. The piece is accompanied by the music of Jim Pinchen in his fifth creative collaboration with the Thomas Noone, where the physicality of Noone is complimented by the urgency of Pinchen’s score.

Push – Company Chameleon

Choreography –  Anthony Missen, Kevin Edward Turner; Dancers – Anthony Missen, Thomasin Gülgeç; Music – Musica Savath + Savalas, Ryuichi Sakamoto

Athletic yet sensitive, the work continues a conversation that began in childhood between artists Anthony Missen and Kevin Edward Turner. This powerful and engaging duet looks at the different stances we take as we relate to one another, and how the complex nature of our psychology means at times we push to exert our dominance and control, and at others submit and yield.

Beautiful Beast – Norrdans

Choreography – Thomas Noone; Dancers – Stacey Aung, Fanny Barrouquère, Toby Fitzgibbons, Anna Jirmanova, David Nondorf, Javier Perez, Kristian Refslund, Leila Verlinden; Musicians (Gjallahorn) – Petter Berndalen, Ulrika Bodén, Adrian Jones, Göran Månsson

 Magical horses, godesses, warriors, great bonfires –  the music of Gjallahorn takes us to a mythical world at once very old and also timeless, ancient and contemporary. It invokes a fabulous animal, something primal and viseral, that comunicates through its movement, that longs to be free but yet requires connection to others. And this animal, is as the dancer, alone yet intricately bound to the group, expressing soley through its physicality, fighting and pushing it’s own body, contained within the space but born along by the music.
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