UK 2016

“I went out on a summer’s night” Norrdans – Choreography by Anthony Missen

On January the 22nd and 23rd of 2016 the companies meet up in Salford (Manchester) in the U.K. for two performances at  The Lowry Centre, the second time that this venue has hosted an edition of Dancing Partners.

On this occasion the program included Hands Down from Chameleon, “I Went Out on a Summer’s Night” from Norrdans (featuring the choreography of Anthony Missen), Small Crime and Controfase from Spellbound and Watch Me from Thomas Noone Dance.

The program trailer.

The dancers of Norrdans and Thomas Noone Dance also visited the students of the Manchester College Dance performing arts course students leading workshops on the 21st and 22nd while the Spellbound dancers lead the University of Salford in a workshop in the Lowry Centre.